About Us

We are non-denominational, desire to serve only God and His word in all that we do.  It is our goal to worship and practice our faith with the simplicity  and sincerity of the church that is described in the new testament, and to teach the Bible without adding human traditions or creeds.  It is also our goal to help those who worship and visit with us, discover the rich blessings there are in following Jesus Christ.  So we continually encourage those seeking a relationship with our Lord, to study His word so those blessings can grow in each of our lives.

We would like to assist you in achieving those goals by offering Bible studies, correspondence courses, home group studies, and Bible classes for all ages here at the building, both Sunday morning at 11:00 AM and Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.  A lesson is also given at our 9:30 AM worship every Sunday. 

If you wish to know about any of these opportunities, please feel free to ask one of us, you can email us at: info@leominsterchurchofchrist.org , or you can call the church office at any time at: (978) 537-0837

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Simple Religion

Much of modern day religion is terribly complicated and seems to be continually changing its beliefs to fit the latest trends.


We, however, don’t think that religion should be that way.  The Christianity taught, believed, and practiced in our day should be simple and stable as it was in the earliest days of Christianity and should be as easy to find and understand as opening up your own Bible to the New Testament.  Such simplicity, the way God originally designed it, makes for
deeper, fuller, richer, more spiritual worship and living.  Our desire is to be “just Christians” unhyphenated, uncomplicated, and stable.


We’re here and we care about simple religion.  Come worship with us.